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A Centralized Call Center to assist Veterans and Disabled

2-1-1 is free a national helpline that connects the community to all social services and health related resources. This system is in place and could be a valuable tool to connect those with transportation needs in any area and link up vets and individuals with disabilities to necessary resources such as food, supports, shelter services, and basic needs.2-1-1's need to be in the conversation when talking about creating a system to support veterans and those in need.


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    Moderator Ken
    ( Moderator )

    Thank-you for this excellent resource. The 2-1-1 system is a national network of Information and Referral Centers. Go to to find information about a 2-1-1 program in your area.

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    Steve Yaffe

    However, we need to remember that transportation resources are local. 211 is a good resource to transportation links - but someone needs to develop a transportation referral list in each community for 211 to use.

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    As the 211 call center in Wyoming we receive a lot of calls from Veteran's who cannot find rides for appointments in rural areas. Our goal is to keep our database as updated as possible with local resources that may be of assistance for the needs of veterans in our communities.

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    Dwight Mengel

    We are adding a individual trip plan database to our 211 service. The idea is to collect trip plans from case managers and share them online. These plans are for the more difficult cases. It is under development and will be launched in Oct 2012. Contact me for details:

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    Lynnda Bassham

    211 is not active in most of the rural counties we serve. We are an Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) which won national grant funding to implement a model which integrates human services AND transit informaiton and assistance and mobility management for anyone who needs it into a one-call center serving our whole 6 couty region. I hope that ADRC's and mobility management one call centers will also be considered as one-stop locations to serve veterans and their families. We don't need to set up a silo system or reinvent the wheel in cases where such organizations exist.

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    I support Steve Yaffe's recomendation that a transportation referral list for each community will be helpful. I also suggest we go beyond that whenever possible we encourage a community's 211 services, mobility management efforts, and other one-call centers to coordinate with one another.

    Jane Hardin