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There's a new ramp-equipped auto made in the USA called the MV-1. It was designed to be a solid taxi. Also, the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association lists companies around the nation that sell new and used wheelchair accessible vans and minivans that could be taxis. Vets and non-vets can start a rural or suburban taxi service, and even use a federal tax credit and tax deduction to reduce start-up costs.


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    New York City (among others) is buying thousands of inaccessible cabs when it would be just as easy to make them accessible, I suspect the WiFi in the cabs cost more over the life of the cab than making it accessible. while not cheap cabs can be a complement to the exsisting transport modes, especially if in some cases the VA would either reimburse costs or offer vouchers for service.

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    There are a number of communities with new accessible cab programs, e.g, Bloomington, Indiana and Washington, DC.

    Recommendation: Talk with these programs and get their recommendations on how to establish accessible cab programs. Also, ask those who have been operating awhile to discuss the lessons they have learned; what would they do differently? What do's and don'ts they have learned?

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      Although most taxi services are privately owned and operatred they are still considered a form of public transportation. In Sacramento CA the city approved an ordinance that states for every 25 taxis the operator must provide at least 1 accessible. The taxi operators fought this ordinance tooth and nail but ultimately the disabled and public transportation community pushed back hard and won. There is a clause that states all taxis must be inspected annually as well to ensure safe operation for the public.

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    NOt only taking their ideal and using it, but also using the resources at hand. there are Veterans now in the business tha cant get a VA contract because ther is no pathway to talk with someone who can or is will to help make that connection to provide transportation. It almost like big business is taking taxs payers money and just doing business with other big organizations to make money and not passing the right oppontunity to the smaller business person to make a living form the same Job. The people need to get invoval with this now.