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Accessible vehicle purchase/modification programs

Often access to an accessible vehicle is one of the first barriers. Programs that offer support and provide opportunities for veterans or service members with disabilities to purchase an accessible vehicle or make modifications to their own vehicle can help increase independence to veterans and offer support for family members. Vehicle conversion/modification programs may work well for veterans or service members living in rural communities.


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    Moderator Ken
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    Thank-you for that keen and important observation. Accessible vehicles with ramps and lifts are key to ensure that usable transportation is available for people with disabilities. Lifts are helpful to people without wheelchairs when use of steps are not possible or difficult.

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    Clifford Hymowitz

    Municipalities that have access to 5310 or 5311 funding should take advantage of these programs to purchase Accessible Taxi Cabs. One option would be to lease it to a local medicaid provider for $1 a month with their contribution of the other 20%. These vehicles should be used as a first prioity for use of taking people out of ambulettes who coud use accessible taxi's. With the difference in cost the amount of money the Federal governement can save on Medicaid fund would be significant. Considering that the cost of a ambulette trip is significantly higher thana taxi trip.