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It's good to know there is a wealth of information on the internet about services provided to Veterans. But I have found the challenge in knowing where to look and how to search without being overwhelmed in accessing the information. As a transportation provider, it would be extremely beneficial for there to be a One-source information center for transportation providers to locate transportation services, benefits, programs, training, etc. This information should be uniformed and required for all Transportation providers to keep on hand in their vehicles for either passing out or informational purposes. This will definitely aid in increased quality service in having knowledgeable providers educating their customers/passengers on available services. There should also be more community outreach to assist in getting the word out about these services so people can be better informed and equipped in leveraging these services. When you know better, you do better.


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    Try coordinating with your local 2-1-1 Information and Referral system if you have one in your area. We currently post any transportation resource with them. In addition, 2-1-1 sits at our table as aa partner in our Special Needs Coalition for transportation. Also, our area was lucky enough to have recieved funding for a Mobility Coordinator to provide outreach to our rural areas on transportaton resources.