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Broad Coalitions Make a Difference

In working with the hundreds of communities we reach, the major message we hear is the power of coalitions. With the FTA's new Veterans Community Living Initiative, we have the opportunity to expand these coalitions to ensure that organizations serving veterans and military famiies have a seat at the planning table. Ideally, this would also include direct representation by veterans, their families and service members on coordination committees and other coalition building venues.


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    At least in the Boston region, the NEPVA has been invited and remains in the loop of broadening our transportation program which may not garner VA financial support but there are other areas of support we are getting. As stated remaining in the loop is more than a first step.

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    These coalitions need to be VERY diverse and not divisive. As shown previously in DCAB in Honolulu for instance when starting and operating over Easter Seals Project Action paratransit partner to Fixed route, a person that is a wheelchair user cannot assume it is okay to test all persons with mobility without infringing on any Civil Rights! A White Stick user will balk at having all curb-cuts removed for the wheelchair user. These are simply two small examples why very diverse populations need to come to any table over issues of same, because all populations will have a differing world-view. Hence there exists no such thing as common sense, no matter how many of us use the old adage. We never grow up and experience everything in "common." Alas life would be so much easier if we