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Bus Leasing companies depreciate their equipment over time and find that at a point the equipment has no value on the books. If Federal or state government can offer tax credit to donate depreciated equipment to local volunteer transportation services ,alternative transportation options could result.


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    This sounds like an idea worth investigating. Public transit systems frequently donate their retired vehicles to non-profit social service organizations.

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      I agree. I am aware of several transit & non profit agencies that donate vehicles to volunteer organizations so that continued use can be done as well as opening up more tranportation options within the community. I have seen the maintenance of the vehicle be written into any contract or agreement between the agency giving or leasing the vehicle to an organization. I agree that safety of people should be a factor & have found in my experience that it has been.

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    Provided there are strict laws following the use of equipment after donation of transportation equipment that are still used in transportation of humans! I am against cash option of government "Used goods for used people policy." solely for the cash value remaining on the books, where death and injury may result. Poor progress should not result from the intent of positive governmental policy.

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    In Oregon we found that the VA would not accept used vehicles, only new. This was a huge issue and as a result many transit agencies who would have been willing to pass used vehicles to their local VA organizations were prevented in doing so. There should be a change in policy on the part of the federal VA to allow for used vehicles in the DAV fleets.