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Buses on post

The greatest barrier to providing public transportation to wounded and ther familes at the national military medical center in San Antonio, is access to the post. Since 2001 VIA's buses running regular routes have not been allowed on post at Fort Sam Houston. A protocol to make bus service practical would solve a lot of problems. The ball is in DoD's court.

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  1. I have heard about other transportation providers who have encountered this problem is lack of access to base.

    Recommendation: This is a good issue for the Dialogue to bring to attention of Dept of Transportation and to ask DoT to set in motion a process for working with Dept of Defense to find a solution.

    2 years ago
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    1. This problem is probably more wide spread than you think. Dover AFB doesn't allow fixed route on base. They baned paratransit for a while but it didn't work out for the Base. With a significant number of base employees who use paratransit as there only sorce of transportation, they were left at the main gate and the base had no way of transporting those requiring the use of the lift. The ban only lasted a few months.

      2 years ago
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  2. Transit could replace DoD shuttles if a protocol were developed for through-routing public transit routes with a few stops on base.

    2 years ago
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