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Encourage VA Hospitals to Collaborate with Transit

Our transit system would love to work directly with the closest VA Hospital so that we can get vets there, but they have so many restrictions that it seems they can't even talk to us. We can't even call them unless we go through a board member who has a military ID. One local group has a van making trips to the hospital, but it's not accessible. We'd like to help with that, but we can't seem to get the communication lines open.


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    Community Member

    Donna, West LA VA has a good transport program set up with a few transit providers public and DAV and others. Maybe ask them how it is done? Kevin should be able to get you to the person who would have set this up - Patient Representative

    Kevin Wright

    Phone: (310) 268-4141

    Building 500

    Main Hospital Building

    1st Floor, Room 1608

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    Steve Yaffe

    Connecting with transit can be a mandate placed by Secretary Shinseki. We haven't seen any consideration given to veterans trying to reach services at community based clinics including the new one at Fort Belvoir.

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    This should also apply to Private Providers providing transportation services. I agree in that I have found it difficult to get into this market and aiding in the need for transportation disadvantage community.

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    Good idea. Most federal agencies, including VA are overloaded with bureaucratic red tape designed to save money. Indeed, it usually does save money, each dime it saves costs taxpayers a dollar, thus that kind of savings we can do without! More authority to control things ,such as transportation, should be delegated to local VA offices. Control at VA level in Washington merely justifies the existence of bureaucrats there who add an unnecessary layer of red tape to the system. VA and every other Department in DC could fire 15% of their workforce in DC and the efficiency of the Department would improve, not to mention the money saved. Give a GS 16 a desk and salary and he will build an empire that may well be useless, but will appear to be necessary for the organization to function.