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Family Members

At the NM VA, we are unable to transport Veterans' Family members due to liability issues. This is frequently a barrier to supporting Veterans when we are able to transport the Veteran to an important medical appt. and yet the family member has to take public transportation. In essence, this implies that we are not supporting Veterans' family.


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    Wendy Alfsen

    The VA can easily and at little added cost overcome the VA family transport liability barrier. If insured, purchase a rider covering transport of family members. If self-insured, pass a policy authorizing transport of family members as in the VA patient's best health care interest. Family members provide after care that otherwise would habve to be provided to veterans at VA expense. If the objection is that VA family transport is too expensive, then pass a policy that all Veterans transported alone to the VA, since no family member present to recive post car instructions/followup, then VA will provide all medical appt. family-unaccompanied veterans with after care home medical care -- this is a far greater expense which is the clear responsibility of the VA