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Government entities need to work together

In the Chicago area, there are VA medical service locations, which offer vanpool service to and from. There also is a good local public transit - paratransit service - if in some format there was coordination between the government entities, there would be a greater choice, less wait time, and savings for such entities. But the government powers that be are not willing to share or reduce there oversight of transit services.


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    Jim this dialogue is a major step in breaking down some of these barriers. Coordination activities of signficance throughout the US are occurring to get more efficent and effective transportation systems that work together in place. The veterans transports are a major piece of this evolving synergy with a series of grants involving the one call one click concept taking hold in many communties. Hopefully you will see increased cooperation emerge shortly.

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    Jim W ( Idea Submitter )


    The idea you suggest is common sense; that is not how government entities operate. One of the biggest issues is that federally mandated Paratransit Services are not funded by Federal funds, but by each state and local government. VA transportation is funded by Federal funding; this is why the concept of 'one call' transit for veterans is not a reality unless there is a change in the funding formulas by Legislation. The government powers that be are not willing or able to share, or reduce there oversight of transit services.

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    Jim - you couldn't be more on target. We should be looking at utilizing existing transportation networks to create greater efficiencies and cost containment as opposed to utilizing a new or separate networks of transportation for a specific group of people. In communities that already operate ADA services, VA needs to craft agreements with the ADA contract entities to simply charge back to the VA, at an agreed upon price, a cost for providing the service within the ADA network. This doesn't create any funding issues (the VA is already paying out the cost of service to transportation operators), and they get the benefit of all the contractual oversight by design of the ADA service. If the VA wants to pick up the cost of the passenger fares as well, they can simply purchase fare tickets for their users. With the push towards coordinated transportation efforts, this seems like a fairly simply thing to accomplish. This doesn't preclude the VA from creating an acillary service that provides for things that are outside the scope of the ADA service parameters but at least we would be utilizing to the maximum degree feasible, existing networks of transportation options. This could be true also with other existing transportation programs whether they be Senior Service, Human Service, Medicaid etc.