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Half-fare for Veterans

To encourage Veterans to use Public Transportation, I recommend that Congress amend Section 5307(d)(1)(D) of Title 49 of the U.S. Code to include that Veterans presenting military identification cards during the operation of off peak-hour, fixed route service are entitled to travel for half the peak fixed route fare. This will grant non-disabled Veterans the same level of benefit as the elderly, persons with disabilities, or passengers presenting Medicare cards, to show our country's appreciation for their military service.


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    Kevin Abbott™

    I agree with stankos idea. Please vote for this. Veterans are deserving of this consideration!

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    Community Member

    I agree with the sentiment, and would love for this to become a reality. However, transit agencies would need the federal government to provide additional funding to support it.

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    Not sure why my first comment was not posted but I absolutely agree! Military veterans who are non-disabled are sometimes forgotten and not alloted as many benefits. Their disability may be mental, emotional and in many cases, financial! Sometimes there are some sentiments out there that say we are making up for how we treated our military veterans from the Vietnam War - who weren't given their due respect and benefits. Regardless of what happened then - we should always offer our military veterans simple benefits as described above.

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    This is a wonderful suggestion, and agree that we need to do all that we can do for our veterans and military personnel, after all, they have put their lives on the line for all of us and its the least we can do for them.

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    Katie Heatley

    How about providing free or heavily discounted public transit passes for the spouse and children of active military personnel who are away? In the rural areas of our county, families must travel long distances to access health care, etc. Monthly transit passes for a spouse and two children cost a family $160.00 a month. A discounted or free fare would make the use of transit more affordable for a military family.

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    In the same way that passengers are certified for Paratransit, Veterans eligibility should be reviewed as well. If this does become policy and something Ray LaHood will entertain, certainly we would be able to enact this nationwide with grants from the federal Govt for the agencies that participate???

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    For longer travel by air or ground anywhere in the US if it is medically related, free ground or airline travel for veterans is available. Go to

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    Paul Kimo McGregor

    No one is looking at this suggestion from the perspective of the transit agency. Transit agencies have to comply with a lot of mandates that they do not receive any funding for, ADA being the biggest one, that adding another mandate would just continue to suck money from the transit agency coffers. Don't get me wrong, the idea is a worthwhile one but from a practical standpoint, it would not be financially sustainable.