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Long-distance and local Veteran Travel Widely Available

The National Resource Directory lists and describes a very large and diverse number of transportation options for veterans and/or wounded warriors. My organization talks to people every day who do not know this government directory web site even exists.

Check it out. All kinds of sources for transportation help. Thanks.


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    mercymed ( Idea Submitter )

    Thanks for providing this communication means.

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    Karen Wolf-Branigin

    Thanks for mentioning this great resource. Can you post a internet address for it?

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    Thank you for the information.

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    It's a great resource, however, not all inclusive. Anyone with Medicaid should be able to get free transportation- be it public or volunteer. The DAV does a wonderful job, but cannot possibly serve all of the rural veterans that need transportation. The Veterans that fall in the cracks are those with Medicare or private insurance.If the veterans center is far away the Veteran must make an appointment, board a van and stay at the Veterans hospital/center until everyone is done their appointment. This makes it an all day event for the person travelling. This may work for some, unfortunately, frail or sick veterans often cannot physically take that kind of travel. That is usually where small non-profits step in with volunteer or their own van transportation-which of course has no government funding.

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    What are your (plural) ideas for publicizing the URL? Tweets? Our own websites, newsletters, resource directories?