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Military Transit Benefit

Military reimburses military personnel (and other government employees) when they use public transit to travel to and from work. Why are local military installations allowed to "opt out" (or basically ignore) the Presidential Executive Order? I live in a community where the military installation has done nothing about the Mass Transit Benefit Program by setting up a system to communicate the advantages and encourage military and other governmental employees to use the public transit. And, yet, we are going to receive a large contingent of additional military and Department of Defense civilian employees in the near future. We are trying to become a community that is less POV dependent and this position by military personnel is a barrier to achieve that.


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    The statement is one, that if your ead it in the news paper or seen it on TV it would upset us. We would be saying after all the soldiers went through this is what they have to deal when they come home. Out of the frining pan into the fire. If we are going to spend taxiers money to invest in our soldieers future we should make sure that all of our money is not taken up by big bussiness. this can be used to creat wage paying jobs, and not a stepping stone for big business to put the burden on the low income worker. the saying is true, feed a man a fish and he will eat for a day, but teach him how to fish and he will eat for a life time. Let this goverment do it right the first time, and big business move over and let the middle classe work this field.