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Mobility Assessments

I suggest that all veterans after being stateside for a month should be provided a mobility assessment evaluation. Veterans Transportation traditionally has been used to get veterans from home to a medical appointment and back. A thorough mobility assessment would identify other transportation barriers and the services that are not accessible for an individual. Only after this information is documented then strategies can begin to be developed.


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    Steve Yaffe

    Good idea - probably should be scaled back though to only veterans who have had injuries.

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      Clifford Hymowitz ( Idea Submitter )


      I understand your point. I am not sure you understod mine. As a head injury srvivor My experience that unless you have a physical disability the armed services recognizes you as not having an injury. Several Vets that I have dealt with have referred it to me saying "If you can hand in your gun; you are considered whole". The unfortunate things is that cognitive impairments often require essential self diagnossis and then you have to find the appropriate part of the VA system that will correctly diagnose you as havinga a cognitive impairment and not mental illnness. Often when diagnosed with mental illness, and this is just my experience, the persons end up being addicted to perscription medicine which leads them down a very dark and lonely road.

      I hope that I have clarified why I didn't limit to the "physically injured" veterans.

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    Having a mobility assesment is a good idea. This can not only help match veterans & there families with the tranportation options that are available in there area but can help locate or determine what gaps in service there might be. Great opportunity to then develop partnerships & groups to look at solutions for those gaps in transportation coverage.