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Need to partner, not create new veteran medical only systems

My experience has been that it is very difficult to find who to talk to within veterans organizations. I have talked to different veterans organizations, VSOs, Dept. of VA and VA hospitals and they all have differing views on transportation and what can and needs to be done. There is a movement to create mobility managers and new accessible transportation programs within veteran systems. Two problems with this are that the new transportation is for medical purposes only and vets need so much more than that and there are already well-coordinated systems that veterans can take advantage of if the organizations come to the table. I fear we are just creating more silos instead of working together with what is already being coordinated in an area.


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    I believe partnering with public entities as well as private entities are essential for more creative and innovative ideas. In addition, partnering with healthcare related organizations are important to achieve optimal input.

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    I certainly agree! Just like the FTA's Job Access Reverse Commute, New Freedom, and Elderly & Persons with Disabilities programs- Require coordination, not duplication. Furhter more, combine all these services. Give 100% funding to agencies coordinating regional call centers and offering transportation services to all vulnerable populations. Enough of each of the individual human service agencies running their own individualized transportation. Coordinate!!

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    We have been transporting veterans for years. So many need to go to Dayton for medical. That means we need to take them to Lima where someone else transports to Dayton. It makes it difficult for the veteran.

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    I totally agree that we need to partner and coordinate at a higher level. In my area, there are several well organized groups that are very capable of serving all those in need. Partnering and pooling resources, ideas and funding would benefit so many more.