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Partnerships for Crossing County Lines

In the San Francisco Bay Area veterans travel long distances to access services from VA health care facilities that frequently require traveling through multiple counties and transit agencies. A group of transit agencies from Marin to Monterey County in collaboration with a non-profit transportation provider is working to coordinate information and resources to assist veterans faced with this challenge. The service model includes expanding the information available through an existing one-call/one-click center to include available transportation resources across the entire region as well as providing mobility management support through the collaboration of multiple transportation providers. We have developed multiple online tools to aid this collaboration and enhance the existing one-call/one-click center, including a regional searchable database of applicable services to assist veterans who are trying to travel locally and regionally in order to access services and benefits to support them and their families.

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  1. Katie Heatley,

    Sounds like such good work. I hope you will provide a how-to paper or manual so others can learn now to adapt your model to your area.

    2 years ago
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