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We should look into educating those on Military bases through participation in the Yellow Ribbon Program events. These events help members prior to and after deployments. They serve as a one stop information session for these persons and the family members as well. Including parents, friends, partners, etc.


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    These programs have the potential to help coordinate transportation and should be explored.

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    Educational programs also engage the spouse with a disability that may be in need of additional vocational assistance. This assistance may offer a dual Federal influx of funds for transportation purposes to those areas hard-hit with military personnel arriving back home also needing transportation services. As many dual eligible programs for transportation assistance btwn Veterans, the families and the School systems designed to bring in Transportation dollars would seem to be in the policy-maker best interests for budget dollars invested in the geographic area.Of course the necessary telecommunications networks would need to be updated for appropriate transit and para-transit systems provided. This means jobs and careers would need to be expanded and dedicated to a given area, however returning service personnel would be ideal for these positions as well.