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Promote Vets' Needs during National Transportation Week

May 13-19 is the 50th Nat'l Transportation Week and May 18, 2012, is Nat'l Defense Transportation Day.

Associations like NDTA would be glad to help in this dialogue. Our local chapters’ NTW commemorations include a 5K supporting Operation Homefront, golf tournaments supporting chapter scholarships, and banquets honoring current and future transportation leaders. At all of these events, logistics and transportation professionals come together to network and share knowledge on issues like meeting Vets’ transportation needs


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    Moderator Ken
    ( Moderator )

    Excellent idea. Please feel free to direct other NDTA members interested in Veterans' transportation to this dialogue and to engage in this discussion.

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    thomas hammond

    they need to supply trans.for all east tx vets somewhere besides lufkin for those who can not drive or get someone to drive them.this is a very big problem in east tx.