For Individual Participants: Getting a Ride

Rural Transportation Assisting in Continuity of Care

To provide continuity for rural veterans for transportation to appointments from local community as well as hospital settings. A shuttle service within the VISN catchment area, assistance with transportation outside of the VISN and transportation within communities during periods or in places local transportation does not operate ig. shelter pick up/drop off, bus terminals to and from recovery related events or local "Stand Down events".


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    the people need to share this talk with their representatives. Why do we let them be able to start a conversation when it election. these things we are concern with are daily matters to us not election time talk. to some its a way of life and a heartshipe. in envoval with this action people

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    I like the idea of at least providing information, if not transportation, at stand down events. Get people thinking about public transportation as a possible solution right off the bat. This would be a good activity for transit authorities to get involved in.