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Nothing worse than being given a stopwatch timed physical exam to gauge function by a person that does not have a medical license, and being asked to relinquish my medical confidentiality to a person that does not operate under medical licensure. Honey, I do not give the bakery worker down the street my medical history either, just to get a ride on public transportation that I have paid for, in taxes and in having a chunk of my brain removed. I am not stupid, I am disabled. These are two vastly different concepts you people that wish to play doctor! If you want to play doctor-go get a degree! After I had my brain surgery I went to college and Got Three Degrees, without a full brain! I am brain disabled and need paratransit for a very definite reason. I do not need to be given a stopwatch timed physical exam from someone that cannot even read my brain mri, when I can explain it to him with my Psych degree! Hell, even CMV operators get to keep their medical confidentiality having MEs do their tests. How about I get the same treatment at least? I am no less a human! I am only brain disabled but smart, so STOP PLAYING DOCTOR!!



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