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Nothing worse than being given a stopwatch timed physical exam to gauge function by a person that does not have a medical license, and being asked to relinquish my medical confidentiality to a person that does not operate under medical licensure. Honey, I do not give the bakery worker down the street my medical history either, just to get a ride on public transportation that I have paid for, in taxes and in having a chunk of my brain removed. I am not stupid, I am disabled. These are two vastly different concepts you people that wish to play doctor! If you want to play doctor-go get a degree! After I had my brain surgery I went to college and Got Three Degrees, without a full brain! I am brain disabled and need paratransit for a very definite reason. I do not need to be given a stopwatch timed physical exam from someone that cannot even read my brain mri, when I can explain it to him with my Psych degree! Hell, even CMV operators get to keep their medical confidentiality having MEs do their tests. How about I get the same treatment at least? I am no less a human! I am only brain disabled but smart, so STOP PLAYING DOCTOR!!


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    Moderator Ken
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    From the Moderator: A statement degrading an organization was removed from this post.

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    Community Member ( Idea Submitter )

    In essence, why develop paratransit systems, designed to assist people with disabilities and the elder communities, while at the same time testing the chronically ill people using non-medically licensed people. This entire process is unethical under the Belmont Code of ethics. When performing procedures on chronically ill populations inclusive of tests of measures, by people not medically licensed, not working under the auspices of a medical doctor knowledgeable of the population tested. Transportation is doing this to seat people on Paratransit, this is a recipe for disaster and a front for manipulation of transportation funds. Used solely to keep people OFF tax-paid transportation resources while not placing the care for the chronically ill in the licensed provider's medically trained knowledge and field of expertise! I am a brain disabled person without a full brain! Your transportation personnel are not trained to deal with my situation, do not understand it, have denied me paratransit because of it, and Veterans coming back from the wars have TBI in large incidence! What transportation is requiring is a loss of Civil Rights, a loss of Medical confidentiality, and people that want to play doctor, instead of the neurologists and epileptologists that treat us after brain surgeries! These are very specialized people. Transportation Has to come of age in the 21st Century! We brain disabled people, that are missing parts of brains, have severe brain traumas, are many, and many times are invisible! We are being treated as if we are SCAMMING FOR RIDES by far less knowledgeable people in the transportation industry by foolish FTA policies and subcontracted entities thereof! That is my opinion, but I am only a cripple without a full brain, that people say, "...look and sound normal." Cannot even get a seat on the local bus at times, when forced to stand have a convulsion! That is 21st Century Transportation by the Federal Government? Someone send me a horse!

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    Clifford Hymowitz

    I am not sure if these comments were directed to my suggestion that all veterans returning home should have mobility assessments. I would like to clarify that I was addressing the need for mobility assessments and not eligibility assessments.

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    Community Member ( Idea Submitter )

    You have made my day Clifford! Where the mobility intersects with alternating states of vigilance in a known disease process of a person already diagnosed as having such a disorder with fluctuating vigilant states, cognition is not likely to present as affected, nor will mobility likely present as being affected, yet the eligibility process still tests for both these items, while placing increased harms on the individual in other areas of potential brain effects, for transportation purposes. Assessments of mobility or eligibility on the brain injured, must be completed by medical personnel for ethical and medical reasons so as to overcome these harms. Until transportation personnel know more about the brain and all effects on the brain caused by mobility, it is safer to have assessments performed by medical personnel, however the person still has the option to have these services performed and are not beholden to any exam simply because of illness and needing public transit. Forcing people to have exams due to disability problems simply to find out how the brain operates under mobility, would preferentially be done under lab conditions first, on animals in designed and authorized ethical and humane test study in the University setting.

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    Clifford Hymowitz

    I think that we are talking about two different things. A mobility assessment is a way to insure that a person has away to go to where they have to go. Agreed there is a level of cognitive ability to be able to identify where they need to go and with assistance identify barriers that are in their way. This simply means until you know what you don't know you know nothing. A Mobility assessment will only identify the barriers not remove them.

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    Community Member ( Idea Submitter )

    Mahalo for your clarity Clifford. Surely you understand the term "mobile" will translate into differing meanings in a given context by differing occupations. With that said, it is necessary to HAVE ALL PEOPLE covered in ALL CONCEIVABLE contractual veteran elements GET THE NEEDED SUPPORTS SYSTEMS for your suggestion to work, and then be able to use the appropriate public transportation mechanism of transit. THE PUBLIC SUPPORTS MUST CO-MINGLE and INTERLAP with VETERAN SUPPORTS and both must then MESH WITH THE LOCAL PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION PROVIDERS for the appropriate services. This is not happening.