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Senior Transportation and Veterans Transportation

i just read that Regional Valley Transit in Idaho has donated a wheelchair-accessible bus to Parma Senior Center. The Center will use the bus to provide transportation for two primary activities, one of which will be transportation to the Veterans Medical Center.

Is this a model of partnership (public transit and senior center) that it would be helpful to replicate in other communities?

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  1. That's seems like a great way to fill a need and see that the resources, like the bus, are well-used.

    2 years ago
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  2. This also was done by a transit system in Oregon. The van was purchased with grant funds and the local Veteran's organization paid the match for a wheelchair accessible van.

    2 years ago
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  3. As a volunteer driver program manager I have developed a volunteer driver program in which my drivers also drive for the county veterans service office as well. Something I would like to see is the coordination of rides between the public and veterans (ride sharing) which would maximize the small funding that we receive. It seem this practice is not available per the veterans services. What a loss!, as my program would/could prividee assistants and travel training to all who need it.

    2 years ago
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  4. The city of Phoenix has a "Reserve a Ride" senior center program which provides transportation to and from senior centers. However, this inidividualized service is more costly than even our paratransit service. It would be more cost effective to issue taxi subsidies for the seniors.

    If senior centers are looking for vehicles, try the municipal auctions, or requesting older FTA funded vehicles which have met their useful life from transit agencies.

    2 years ago
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