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Stretching transportation dollars - increasing access

So, funding is limited and seems to be a major issue for all. Right? There are so many ways to get creative with how we spend our budgets and each method looks to increase access to serve the most people while maintaining costs. One opportunity is to identify multiple funding sources, link those funding sources to your users (through either a central database, etc) then look for opportunities for those funding streams to work together to help share the cost of the transportation but essentially increase the available transportation opportunities for all. Far too often programs compartmentalize their funding or fleet. Those funds can be used to share transportation costs with other programs and often times excess capacities can be used within our fleets. In my organization we've really looked at how our resources are being used and how we can do more with less.


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    We have had some success with this. A local non-profit with a fleet of buses has offered to provide limited, local transportation during their slower hours when not transporting clients.

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    I fully support your idea. I believe the answer to moving beyond the limits of existing funding is to leverage and unite funding from multiple purposes into a more comprehensive flow of dollars that betters supports Veterans and their needs.

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    It just makes sense for agencies to really look at the funds they have and look at opportunities to blend those with other funds. Think how much more transportation could be provided when service costs can be shared instead of compartmentalized. The benefits are great and really showcases how locally transit districts can work with local, state and federal funding streams to increase transportation for all without sticking one funding stream with the entire cost of the trip. This also incentivizes(sp?) other transportation providers to perhaps expand their services into areas normally services with just one funding stream. Now they are exposed to other transportation types, business, etc. AND THAT increases transportation options for veterans, seniors, people with disabilities, low income, and the general public. We must leverage our existing dollars to leverage transportation resources.