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Ticket to America

Similar to a Rail pass gives those who purchase it 30 days of travel via participating mass transit and also pays a portion of all such tickets for Veterans, and the elderly.


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    I am disabled and getting on in years. I just thought that the idea of a rail pass was a good one that allows people to travel around by train or bus and see America while at the same time helping to pay for such tickets purchased by Veterans and the elderly. If Americans knew they could purchase something like that and that a portion of their purchase would go to Veterans or the elderly it would be an opportunity for families to travel together. and any veteran or real old person could travel on a discount made possible by people buying such tickets who are not veterans or old.

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    Very clever idea - the concept of fund-raising while not really doing so. Kind of like the question at the grocery stores while checking out - would you like to contribute a dollar to help children with cancer? Worth looking into.