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Many people learn to use public transportation with the assistance of a travel trainer. What information to travel trainers need to know to bettr service members of the military community and their families?


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    As a Travel Trainer in a city with State and Federal Vets services I run up against a lack of communication between the two. I have had great delays in getting responses when our transit agency wanted to find the decision makers for a more accessible bus stop at the VA Clinic. This was mutually beneficial for the Vets.

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    With confidentiality rules and HIPPA issues how do we best reach out to Vets and let them know about what transportation resources our community has?

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      Maybe Karen Wolf-Branigin who submitted travel training comment, can suggest resources who can answer sgreen's questions about dealing with confidentiality rules and HIPPA issues.

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    Community Member

    travel trainers should be vets training vets


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    @sgreen - You need to promote from the local level. Connect with agencies that serve Vets, work with the case managers that see Vets everyday. Provide a "Train the Trainer" aspect, and that service can trickle down to the Vets/consumers themselves.

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    Steve Yaffe

    The Dept. of Veterans Affairs should post on a website contact information for transportation coordinators at each hospital and CBOC (community based clinic). Metropolitan Planning Organizations charged with creating and maintaining a coordinated planning process would use that list to include the VA transportation coordinators in that process - and link them with transit travel trainers in the area. The VA should charge its transportation coordinators with making transit and travel training info available to veterans and to participate in their metropolitan coordinated planning process.