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Use Vet Networks to Find Volunteers

I'm a mobility manager in upstate New York. I have a call center when people can get transportation planning assistance. I recently found out that there is a veterans support group in our area which has a listserve, connecting veterans and allowing them to help each other. Through this list serve, I was able to find a volunteer to assist a rural caller of mine who needed a ride to the grocery store a few times per month. These kinds of vet networks can be powerful tools for connecting those in need with those who wish to serve.


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    Mary Leary

    This is a great example of the utility of a strong mobility management program with a significant focus on outreach. So often there are many community networks that can benefit from learning more about current transportation and coordination initiatives - if they just knew about it! Connecting through these diverse networks with their newsletters, listservs and websites are great ways to connect people to resources and to leverage resources across the community. Today and tomorrow, the second annual Partnership for Mobility Management Conference is being held in Long Beach. We hope many more mobility managers will be put in place across the country as we continue to see the value they give to everyone.

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    I second Mary Leary's comment about your example being significant. Even if you are not at the Partnership for Mobility Management Conference in Long Beach, Partnership staff will want to know about your example. Also, I am one of the facilitators technical assistance for VTCLI grantees so I will get out your example even before the Dialogue's findings are organized. Other VTCLI facilitators are participating in this Dialogue and my guess is that they will also use your example.

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    mobilitymanagementa ( Idea Submitter )

    Great! I will not be in Long Beach, but I will be a panelist at the CTAA EXPO in a couple of weeks!

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    Has anyone had success using Facebook to recruit volunteers? My 20-something brother is in the Army and has a huge network of friends using facebook. Given the comradery and existing support within the military network, it seems that modern social networks would be a powerful tool for linking veterans to services, finding volunteers, etc. Has anyone tried this?

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      mobilitymanagementa ( Idea Submitter )

      This is a great idea, which I think deserves to be its own thread as well. Are there any organizations that currently use FB to recruit volunteers? Good question.

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    Dwight Mengel

    Facebook is a very good idea. You may be able to use ads to contact vets & recruit volunteers.

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    Has anyone taken a look at the T.R.I.P.'s model of volunteer transportation services? It may be worth a look to see if the business model can be flexed to work with veteran services. Basically it is a turn-key operation wherein users find their own volunteers, usually someone they know in their own community to provide transportation services. Mileage reimbursement is paid, although at a very low rate which can be determined by the manager of the program. It takes to onerous of managing volunteers off the shoulders of the program itself and allows users to compensate volunteers directly as the reimbursement checks are mailed to the user who then gives the reimbursement to the volunteer making the user feel less of a a burden.