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VA Disability policy causes Homelessness of veterans.

It is so sad when the VA Claims process takes so long that just the system itself causes veterans to become homeless when they can no longer work. They have their own built in delays when they are reviewing claims, they call for an exam, then see later they need another exam, and so on. This type of process by "not looking at the whole claim" causes unnecessary delays. I have waited over 2 years now, and still very litter progress. I understand that in Chicago alone they have a backlog of over 17,000 claims. If the VA would adopt a policy that all claims are looked at as a package, and not just one issue at a time would help reduce this serious backlog.


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    randydreese ( Idea Submitter )

    A simple idea that can change the lives of so many veterans with a policy improvement of the way claims are handled.

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    Community Member

    Right randy-also causes unnecessary increased illness and chronically worsens the vets chances of getting off disability-moreover it clogs the transit stations and lines and many homeless need a place to sleep and catch safety, network, shut-eye, get out of inclement weather, furthering the chances that the public will not use public transit because of homeless people, thereby causing the fare-box revenues to take a dive! Think the transit politicians ever connect the dots on the social homelessness of veterans is not good for transit monetarily issue? They probably never even considered it! Fare box revenue may increase exponentially if the homelessness problem can be solved! But instead they would rather beat people over the head. Not sound and good social policy in a FREE nation that Veterans fought for, now is it?