For Provider Participants: Policy


Nothing worse than being given a stopwatch timed physical exam to gauge function by a person that does not have a medical license, and being asked to relinquish my medical confidentiality to a person that does not operate under medical licensure. Honey, I do not give the bakery worker down the street my medical history either, just to get a ride on public transportation that I have paid for, in taxes and in having a chunk ...more »

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For Individual Participants: Overcoming Barriers

The State(such as it might be held)should do more.

The sight impaired and the audible pedestrian(APS) Obviously,participants of this forum do not support the idea of more APS's to serve the blind community "wounded warrior"or not,than the APS's currently does. Would you like to know why?No,it isn't because of most of the time you are drivers,than you are pedestrians or because you might feel uncomfortable around the blind population. Nor is it because FDOT and its'agents ...more »

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For Provider Participants: Partnerships

Thank you,but we are already cinnected with vets.

The basic goal of the Handicapped Aldults of Volusia County(HAVOC) is to empower people with all types of disabilities to improve the quality of their life by researching,addressing and attempting to remove the many barriers and obstructions encountered in their lives. We have had common issues over the past three decades.(VISIT US @WWW.HAVOCFL.COM)Currently,we are all waiting for final approval of a highrise bridge ...more »

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For Individual Participants: Communications

"Dragon(or something comparable} in public libraries

How about programing at least one computer in every library with the program "Dragon" or a comparable program to assist those not trained to type...a nice quiet plane,where neither party is disturbing other party?Once approved vets that have aquired an injury could build resumes,stay connected to other vets,join discussion groups,schrol though things to do,etc.


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