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APTA is Ready to Help

Thanks to Secretary LaHood and the U.S. DOT team for their focus on improving transportation options for our active armed forces, military veterans, and their families. In reading the comments posted to date I am especially interested in the ones that involve public transportation and am further informed by this specific input from across America. The American Public Transportation Association and its members knows that public transportation can make a difference in so many ways, and we will be pleased to work with U.S. DOT, with the U.S. Department of Labor and with veterans organizations across the country to enhance this endeavor. APTA is committed to helping coordinate the services and programs that get veterans to work and school, and also help connect them with new opportunities in the workforce and in their communities. We are also working with the Department of Labor and other groups to highlight specific employment opportunities at public transportation organizations across the country. Comments have been very helpful. Please keep the comments coming! Michael Melaniphy, President and CEO, American Public Transportation Association



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