For Individual Participants: Overcoming Barriers


A number of commenters' have included the need to better use existing transportation systems and the ability to get information quickly through technology. Our existing network, which has over 500 stations across the U.S., has 220 stations located near VA facilities. We believe there are opportunities for veterans to use Amtrak’s system to travel to appointments at these VA facilities and get the best care possible.


We offer three different travel options that veterans may wish to use while traveling. First, we offer our 10% discount on rail tickets to all active military personnel with their United States Military Identification Card. For veterans, we offer a 15% discount on tickets for members of the Veterans Advantage program. To learn more about the Veterans Advantage card, please visit Finally we offer a 15% discount for people with disabilities if written documentation is provided.


When booking your trip, requests can be made for wheelchair space, accessible/transfer seats (for when you travel in a seat and stow your wheelchair), and accessible bedroom accommodations. Also when booking, you can call Amtrak at 1-800-USA-RAIL to request a uniformed Amtrak staff member assist you with your luggage, getting around the station, and getting on and off the train. Once on the train, our onboard conductors stand ready to assist with needs while on the train.


We also have an iPhone app that allows veterans, and anyone with the app, to get simple and intuitive access to the travel information they need, book a trip, and stay up-to-date as trains arrive.


As further information, Amtrak employs 1,550 military veterans, comprising 7.9% of our workforce and since January 2011, Amtrak has hired 295 veterans accounting for 10.5% of total hires during that period.


If you do have any comments that you would like specifically directed to Amtrak, please contact us at 1-800-USA-RAIL or at and click on the contact us.


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