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Basic Transit Training for Veterans

As lead agency for regional coordination under the banner EasTexConnects, the East Texas Council of Governments worked with partners on an Interconnectivity Day on May 10th to illustrate the benefits of public transportation. The premise was that providers would provide free transportation to those using more than one mode. To give the day focus, veterans were targeted to make a multimodal trip to the Dallas VA Hospital. A “Basic Training” brochure was produced giving contact information for public transportation providers. With cooperation of the VA and DAV Auxiliary in Tyler, a group of about 20 veterans was taken from Tyler to the VA hospital in Dallas. Our GoBus rural transportation, Amtrak, and DART all participated in the successful “Basic Training” event that showed the group how public transportation can provide independence. After lunch and tour of the VA hospital the group returned to East Texas. Although the group was escorted, participants learned how easy public transportation could be used independently.



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