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Centralize Transportation Options via Smartphone Access

The Veteran populations of America, young and old, are continuing to access resources and services via their mobile and tablet devices. Yet, many government services and even local community transportation services go unknown to Veterans and their Families as they move to new neighborhoods or attend Military training (if in the National Guard) in distant, unfamiliar geographic areas. Our idea, selfish as it is, is to develop a central database for transportation options (free and those that cost) for Veterans and their Families and then to serve this information easily and simply to smartphones, which can automatically geolocate a user and show them transportation options "around me." Many Veterans who cannot afford a personal computer and may need transportation the most are instead opting to purchase a smartphone as their means to connect to the Internet, text messaging, phone lines, and as a status symbol - YET - there are almost zero choices for Veterans in the iPhone and Droid marketplaces, especially transportation related Veteran apps. We would love to discuss this idea in this open forum and determine the ideal mobile phone needs of Veteran transportation services. Many times Veterans cannot get to a job interview or get to their 2nd or 3rd job because of the lack of transportation. The more we can do to empower Vets to know what transportation options are available to them, anywhere, anytime, the more job opportunities will then be open to our country's civilian soldiers and the tragic unemployment statistics can begin to decrease.



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