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Opportunities Platform To Veterans.

Returning veterans from war need best counsel from community colleges located in their county or nearer community colleges near their county. Government should appoint one supervisor counsel person for “Veterans Help desk” & that person make small student’s voluntary group in college to receiving helps in routine work. Combine all supervisors from all community college via e-mails & with unique website where they are members of it. These group of people need to update themselves(gather information) from all types of government’s, federal’s, non-government’s, privet ngo’s, public ngo’s and other origination’s who offers or announce or benefits/offers for veterans & their family. In other hand all these helpful originations has to correspond with single person per community college & that person help those who live near by to that county community college or near by. Besides this these group of supervisors aware with their college’s educational systems to help veterans & their family for choosing right career classes which benefits them in earning, too. Veterans & their family at lest visit community college to get this help, once they reach there they will be meeting with full of informed person who will lay more then one opportunities to them to give them right to select which one is best for them. Reason putting supervisor is, there are more then five organizations announce help or benefits or opportunities for veterans and their family. They put information on websites or some time they advertise in news paper but there are chances that veterans and their family skip those information due to un-attendance so these recruited people in colleges has only work to do is gather all these information behalf of them & when veterans and their family arrived to get advice they can received right & useful information. Voluntary group of students can help those supervisors in routine work, too & some time help veterans and their family in needful situations. This system will create one practical social network, which will help all the veterans once they find themselves in community college premises. Furthermore, if any community person wants announce party for veterans and their family they can get all data that how many veterans living around them & they can get in touch by that why, also. If, government likes this suggestion then, I have one more tip that they can appoint or select supervisors who is veterans itself returning or returned form war. That way he can help/treat him/her colleagues with equal level of feelings.



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