For Individual Participants: Overcoming Barriers

The State(such as it might be held)should do more.

The sight impaired and the audible pedestrian(APS) Obviously,participants of this forum do not support the idea of more APS's to serve the blind community "wounded warrior"or not,than the APS's currently does. Would you like to know why?No,it isn't because of most of the time you are drivers,than you are pedestrians or because you might feel uncomfortable around the blind population. Nor is it because FDOT and its'agents don't spread safety evenly" across-the-board" from"pillar-to-post inthe pursuit of their respected duty to the American people or because one might be a little prejudice'to say the least.For the record we don't like the APS either(we being the handicapped and disabled),but at least we know "why"we don't like the APS and it is not because it(the APS)isn't keeping up with progress.As silly as it might sound,it is because in the pursuit of obtaining your drivers license in your respected State,the written exam that you took after careful study of the driver's handbook didn't posequestions with regards to pedestrian safety or because law enforcement has not had sufficient training to know how to deal with violaters of pedestrian laws already on the books.Thus,the State,(such as it might be held)may well be"the enemy,not only when you might chose to cross the road at a given intersection,but when you leave your respected area of influense(in the parking lot of your favorite store and change your role from driver to pedestrian).Quite frankly,the State(such as it is held) has abandoned its,core principles and values.With nobody's lead to follow the State beats to its' own drum at the expense of the disabled,Veteran or not.This sould be remedied ASAP,be ye wearing the hat of a pedestrian or driver.Know that at some point in time of one's life you too may be disabled and chances are a pedestrian,too.Let us help you "pick up the slack"and maybe by next season "Barney"and the"muppets"will be teaching our children "where"and "how" to cross the street in the correct manner at the most elementary level.



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