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Viewing the Citizen Rider as the Enemy

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Due to the increased demand on Paratransit systems in the future for a rapidly aging society-STOP viewing the Citizens, both elder and disabled populations, as the enemy of paratransit systems and a drain on the fixed route system!! Communication skill-sets are paramount in the FTA side of things! Cease placing the burdens onto the citizen as the FTA is doing now, when establishing FULL transportations communications systems that will forward incident reports, medical or otherwise, from fixed route to the comparable paratransit providers, thereby delineating the antagonistic approach many veterans, elders, and people with disabilities whether veterans, family members, or non-service connected disabled are currently experiencing. This Communications process needs to be a Nation-wide network that follows the person. It is medically based but can also function as a security focal point as well, going into the future. Smart cards are around the corner for all users of the Transportation system on the Nationwide scale, although it is being done city by city. With a focal point on health issues in a rapidly aging population to contain paratransit costs without overburdening the ill taxpayer, while still rendering the expected transportation services, at the same time lowering the carbon footprint, it is wise to incorporate at this juncture, a vast transportation tele-communications and internet system that will follow the person. I cannot get the paratransportation I need in Honolulu so I am moving and trying in another City. I have Medicare as my Primary insurance that does not include transportation coverage, tricare secondary, and am not getting paratransit for my brain disability at this time so I am shut in! If transportation is so worried that I am not using transportation dollars correctly because I can walk without having a full brain but have convulsions on a moving bus, it is time to have the transportation companies communicating with each other instead of refusing me public transit my tax dollars pay for and my husband, father, fought for, now dead, my mother served for in Korea, however she is still alive. Transportation needs to communicate!! Shore to shore!!! FTA start acting responsible!!!



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