For Individual Participants: Overcoming Barriers


Happy June 8th from Eugene, OR…!

Good Morning everyone,

I would like to introduce myself, I am Harold McCain Employment Specialist here at the Lindholm Prosperity Center located at 456 Hwy 99 N. Eugene, OR 97402. I am a disabled Veteran and I also work with the “Veterans In Progress” program which is funded by The Department of Labor grant. The transportation issues facing the homeless Veterans in our region here in the Southern Willamette Valley; are job search related; we try to reduce the impact of transportation issues by providing the Veteran with monthly allowances of either a bus pass or gas voucher. The stresses of the economic downturn have created an increase need to access to public transportation. Networking and discussions around current transportation issues can further help create a strong network to discuss other issues facing the homeless Veteran like medical care and create other forums of debate like developing jobs in areas affected by the downturn in the current economy. We owe it to our Veterans and we need to create policy to address the social and economic challenges facing Veteran populations across the U.S.A.




Harold McCain

VIP Employment Specialist

St. Vincent de Paul Society of Lane County

456 Hwy 99 N. Eugene, OR 97402

Phone (541) 607-0439 ext. 127



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