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For Provider Participants: Policy

Fund Rural Transportation

I have been working on planning and development of rural transportation systems that will serve the entire community for over two decades. Whether it is services for seniors, welfare to work, our veterans or the general public, the issue is FUNDING. We don't sufficiently fund rural transportation. It is time to stop nibbling around the edges. The problems have been the same for my entire career...programs in silos and... more »


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For Individual Participants: Overcoming Barriers

Homebound with limited mobility & no transportation

What about veterans who are only able to get transport assistance to & from medical appts (either from the VA or their county services), & nothing to help with other life necessity needs? That don't have access to public transportation?

VA physicians constantly urge patients to get out more in order to improve their outlook & quality of life, as it's well documented that this can aid in a patient's overall health, but... more »


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