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For Provider Participants: Policy

Transit Benefits for Veterans with new VA SmartCard ID

We should discuss how to provide public transportation to all Veterans (at no cost to the Veteran), with fares reimbursed to the transit agencies by the Federal Government. To accomplish this, I suggest we redesign the VA ID Card so that the Federal Government can reimburse Public Transit agencies for providing transit services to all military Veterans.

From a policy standpoint, it would be ideal if the reimbursement... more »


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For Individual Participants: Overcoming Barriers


A number of commenters' have included the need to better use existing transportation systems and the ability to get information quickly through technology. Our existing network, which has over 500 stations across the U.S., has 220 stations located near VA facilities. We believe there are opportunities for veterans to use Amtrak‚Äôs system to travel to appointments at these VA facilities and get the best care possible.... more »


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