For Individual Participants: Overcoming Barriers

These questions are offered as a discussion guide: • What kinds of transportation challenges are Veterans, Service Members, and their families facing? • Which transportation challenges are most difficult, and why (for example, to work, rehab or health services, shopping, the mall, the movies)? • What do you see as the gaps in your local transportation network? • What changes can or should be made to improve the quality and availability of transportation in your community?
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For Individual Participants: Overcoming Barriers

Homebound with limited mobility & no transportation

What about veterans who are only able to get transport assistance to & from medical appts (either from the VA or their county services), & nothing to help with other life necessity needs? That don't have access to public transportation?

VA physicians constantly urge patients to get out more in order to improve their outlook & quality of life, as it's well documented that this can aid in a patient's overall health, but... more »


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