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For Provider Participants: Policy

transportation volunteers without a vehicle

Many older adults can use public transportation if they have someone to accompany them. With help from volunteer escort, older person can go to medical appointments, run errands. This idea can be easily adapted to veterans traveling to medical appointments.
Recommendation: Encourage the creation of volunteer escort programs; encourage transit providers to give free ride to escort/assistant. This kind of program exists... more »


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For Provider Participants: Communications

Use Vet Networks to Find Volunteers

I'm a mobility manager in upstate New York. I have a call center when people can get transportation planning assistance. I recently found out that there is a veterans support group in our area which has a listserve, connecting veterans and allowing them to help each other. Through this list serve, I was able to find a volunteer to assist a rural caller of mine who needed a ride to the grocery store a few times per... more »


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